Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5 Storage solutions to organize a messy bathroom

Let's face it, the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to keep organized, especially if you have a busy household.  It seems as soon as you clean and try to organize it, it starts to look messy again within a few hours.  With towels on the floor, and cosmetics strewn about creating a disorderly mess, organizing a bathroom is quite the chore. 

Below are 5 storage solutions to organize a messy bathroom and keep everything in its place:
Organized drawers for cosmetics and hair tools
A stand alone multi shelving unit to display personal items and
to hold baskets filled with towels, candles and bath accessories

Mason jars attached to a towel rack to hold toothbrushes and
 toothpaste is quite genius

A wall shelf is ideal to hold apothecary jars filled with cotton balls, sponges, towels
and decorative plates

                           This unique toilet paper holder is essential for keeping a bathroom organized

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

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