Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to accessorize your apartment or house with leopard print carpet and rugs

"Madeleine Castaing pretty much had it all figured out--leopard carpet looks good anywhere".       
                                                                                    Robert Kime, Architectural Digest
Accessorizing an apartment with leopard or animal print is tricky and can turn out to be a disaster if not done in the right way.  Choosing to decorate with leopard carpeting is a bold move but the reward is phenomenal as illustrated below:
                                                                   Photo courtesy of
 Photo courtesy of
 Photo courtesy of
As you can see, decorating with leopard print carpeting is quite beautiful, just avoid overdoing it and choose high quality rugs that blend with your overall décor.  Browse your favorite décor magazines and for inspiration and most importantly, choose a style that is uniquely you.  

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