Sunday, April 17, 2016

Enhance your kitchen window this spring with a pretty herb garden

During the spring and summer months my weekends are designed for easy, do it yourself projects that I can accomplish in a day or two such as a kitchen herb garden, very easy and the cost is minimal.  I love cooking with herbs but find that over time buying them from the grocery store can be costly, so I got into my gardening gear this weekend and finally planted my own herb garden!

If you have been longing to start a kitchen herb garden of  your own check out these beauties below.

Colorful stenciled containers  

Recycled paper pots

Chalk board painted pots with twine 

                                    Save your soup cans and tie a pretty ribbon around
                                                                 your Masterpiece

                                                                                                  All photos  courtesy of Bing images.

Your garden awaits...have a happy weekend!

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