Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6 Luxurious Coastal Living Bedroom Ideas

Seaside living is tranquil, serene and relaxing.  Creating the coastal style in a bedroom is simple and rewarding as it will turn an otherwise boring bedroom into an airy sophisticated retreat.

A must-have when going Coastal is to bring design elements that are true to the this style such as:  white furniture/white slipcovers, rattan rugs, blue color palette (navy, turquoise, seafoam or cobalt blue), striped or plaid patterns, nautical symbols, and linen fabrics.

Decor Tip:  Keep things light, and airy and be sure to add an accent color such as yellow, red or green to anchor your space.

6 Luxurious Coastal Living Bedroom Ideas:

                                                            "Luxury  is in each detail"
                                                                                                  Hubert de Givenchy

                                                  All photos courtesy of Bing images

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