Thursday, June 30, 2016

Curb Appeal: 5 Amazing Colorful Front Doors

"Be an opener of doors” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

                           A perfect  Feng Shui color that  represents  abundance and  prosperity

                                 This  green  front  door  is  bold and  appealing, yet friendly and

                          Show off your confidence and outgoing  personality with  a yellow  front  door.

A welcoming  red front  door  for  all  who  enter  

                              A black front door signifies  a well organized  and  efficient  home
                                                       All photos  courtesy  of  HGTV
You  can't beat  a colorful  front  door  when  it  comes  to  curb appeal just  choose  a   color that  suits  your  personality  and  house  design.  It's an easy and  affordable  way to update your  exterior  without  spending  a ton of  money.    

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