Tuesday, July 19, 2016

5 Impressive Entryway Ideas To Adorn Your Home

The entryway is one of the most important rooms to consider when decorating or updating your home. This is the area of the house where you welcome your guests by providing them with a sense of refuge from the outside elements.

The entryway should feel safe, should be well lit and be a comfortable and relaxed space for you and your family.

If your entryway is dark and does not provide adequate natural light, a mirror is a perfect solution. Mirrors will lighten up a dark hallway and move light around a narrow hallway. Framed mirrors will add elegance and texture to your entryway. Another way to brighten up a dark foyer is electric lighting such as pendant lights, wall scones and lamps.

A clutter-free entryway is the key to an organized home. Providing adequate storage such as rattan baskets, boot trays, storage hooks and an umbrella stand for everyday items such as keys, umbrellas, jackets, mail and shoes will keep this area tidy.

To add personality to your entryway add decorative touches such as a bold paint color, a persian rug, a console table, hand painted bowls, artwork and fresh flowers.

Entryway  Ideas:


                  "The foyer sets  the  tone...it either builds you  up or lets you  down"
                                                                     Robert  Kime
                                                   All   photos  courtesy  of  Pinterest

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