Thursday, July 7, 2016

How To Easily Organize Your Cluttered Closet

If you are having a hard time deciding what to wear each morning, and finding that you have way too much clutter in your bedroom closet maybe it's time to get things organized.

Freeing up space in your closet and a little organizing will help alleviate your morning stress.

The first thing to do is to try to conquer the clutter. Simply empty your closet and go through each item (including shoes and handbags) and organize into four groups: keep, mend, toss and donate.

Any clothing item that has not been worn in the last six months can be donated to your local thrift store. Toss items that are torn, stained and beyond repair. Also, invest in good quality hangers that will keep your garments looking their best.  I personally recommend Huggable Hangers from Joy Mangano.

For maximum storage space put away out of season items in a clear garment bag (preferrably vacuum sealed). The keep items should be sorted into sections and color coordinated (blouses/pants/skirts).

Sweaters and T-shirts should be folded and also color coordinated and placed on closet shelves. Accessories like belts and scarves need to be hung on hooks and handbags can be displayed on shelves in the closet for that "designer" look.

Shoes should be stored in a shoe holder/bag or placed on the floor of the closet organized by type and color.

So no more excuses for not finding that outfit, enjoy your newly organized dream closet!


Purchase bins/baskets for hats and scarves and label containers for easy access.  Always coordinate your outfit the night before and hang outside your closet door.

                                                      Organized Closets

                                                      All photos courtesy of Pinterest


  1. You know I never considered an area rug in a closet space. This is truly Nice. I Like !


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