Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Decorate Your Abode With Timeless Chandeliers

No other light fixture is as beautiful as a chandelier. Chandeliers refract light and contain numerous crystal and glass prisms that subtly brighten a room by giving it a warm ambience and enhancing its sculptural beauty.

Incorporating a chandelier in your home will give it elegance, glamour and change the overall mood of the room it's featured in. Just choose the style of chandelier that compliments your decor. Chandeliers can be placed in the entryway, in a dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

Types of Chandeliers:


This type of chandelier is classic and timeless, made from Swarovski crystals and glass.


Made from real china teacups and saucers for the shabby chic/cottage style decor.


Made from shiny steel or wrought iron for the chic modern home.

Mini Chandeliers  

Mainly used in small intimate spaces or as wall scones. Measuring approx. 9-12 inches.

Chandelier Design Tips:

Pick the right size of chandelier for your room.

Tall ceilings require larger chandeliers.

Foyer - bottom of the chandelier should not hang more than 7 feet from the floor.

Dining rooms - bottom of chandelier should sit about 30-32 inches from the table top.

                                                 All photos courtesy of Pinterest

 Chandeliers  are a timeless, beautiful and functional and a  great lighting choice to decorate your abode.

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