Saturday, August 27, 2016

How to easily transform your home office on a tight budget

Is your home office feeling dull and uninspiring lately? Then consider updating it, to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day.

Whether you spend your day writing, blogging or just paying bills, etc., your mental outlook can be greatly improved simply by refreshing and updating your home office.

The first thing to consider is changing the paint color. If you need to lessen your stress levels go with cool colors such as greens, blues and purple. These color choices calm the spirit and will help you to concentrate on your task as they do not overwhelm the space.

The color green in particular is a wise choice as it promotes creativity, balance and harmony. To keep you energized choose vibrant colors such as oranges, reds and yellows. These colors are in the warm color family and are vibrant, lively and will keep you alert.

Next, choose a rug that complements your new paint color. This will ground the space and make it feel more comfortable.

Make sure your home office is ergonomically correct by placing your computer, printer and fax in easy access of use. Invest in a good quality/comfortable office chair. Place meaningful artwork on walls to inspire you and keep you motivated. Add plants and/or fresh flowers to give life to your space. Use wicker baskets and colorful trays to keep supplies organized. Place scented candles, picture frames, and unique stationary on your desk.

Transform your old bulletin board into an eye catching piece by placing fabric or wallpaper over the cork. Replace drab curtains with modern and sophisticated draperies.

See photos below:

                                                      Source:  HGTV
Which home  office is your  style?  I would  love  to  hear  your  thoughts.                           Comment  below.  

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