Saturday, April 22, 2017

How To Restyle Your Coffee Table For The Spring Season

An easy way to refresh your space for the spring season is restyling your coffee table.

Refreshing your coffee table doesn't take a lot of money or time and can be done within hours.  You can even shop your own home to get you started or purchase items at a yard sale or thrift store in your neighborhood.

Here are some tips to consider to get you started:
  • Pick a color palette that suits your coffee table.
  • Choose objects that have a spring theme.
  • Keep balance in mind and group objects in odd numbers.
  • Utilize trays to organize your table.
  • Stack books in varying height and scale.
  • Add greenery or fresh flowers.
  • Personalize your space with your favorite decor accent.
Your coffee table should be both practical and stylish so place objects that you use everyday (e.g. remote control) on the table just corral them in a unque box.

Below are some examples of beautifully styled coffee tables:

                              Source:  House Beautiful

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