Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3 Simple Ways To Style A Nightstand

The nightstand or bedside table is an essential item in keeping our bedrooms organized, but it often gets overlooked as a place to be styled.  A well-styled nightstand will definitely make your bedroom look more pleasing and have a more finished look.

There are several ways to style a nightstand, it all depends on your personal taste and style of decor.  See below:

            This style is glamourus with fresh flowers, a
            designer candle, matches, and a jewelry dish.



                      Styled simply with task lighting


                  Styled organically with an eco-friendly
                  houseplants and personal curiosities.  
                                        Source: Google

Do you have a favorite style?  Leave a comment below.


  1. Simple! I liked all of them, but I'm thinking of my kids and the harm they'd do to the poor plants! So simple would have to be me!

    1. Hi, yes I see your point, kids are a handful. Simple is a wise choice.

  2. Hey Natalie...
    That was a must needed post. I so wanted to fill up the side table of my bedroom. Loved the organic look, it's so soothing to eyes and lively.
    Much love��

    1. Hi and thanks for commenting, the organic look is fresh and modern, good choice:-)


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