Sunday, June 11, 2017

Organizing Your Garden Shed Is Easier Than You Think

     "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow".
                                                            Audrey Hepburn

Gardening time is here and its the perfect time to organize your gardening or potting shed.

The gardening shed is such a workhorse for all seasons but especially the summer season.  A storage facility for gardening tools, potting soil, clay pots, fertilizer, etc., it is often the last place to be organized.  Keeping the potting shed clean and organized will make gardening a whole lot easier, trust me!

Below are a few practical ideas to easily organize your garden shed:
  • Install a work surface that houses tools and supplies for potting your plants.  
  • Use pegboards on wall to organize shelves and hooks.
  • Mount a small storage compartment to the door of the shed for small tools such as a pruner or hand shovel.
  • Place bins and pails on shelves for storing fertilizer.
  • Keep watering cans, gloves and gardening gear neatly organized on shelves, placing the most used items on the bottom.
  • Store bulbs in hanging planters until you're ready to plant them.
Your garden shed will be a lot more functional after being organized and in turn, it will make gardening more pleasurable.

                           Organized Potting Sheds

                                       Source: Google

                                 Have a great Sunday!

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