Friday, June 17, 2016

Fashion Friday: 8 Summer Hairstyles that are Short and Stunning

Get a jump start on the summer heat by rocking a short and sexy hairstyle.

Celebs are chopping their long locks and are opting for the shorter look so they can remain current, to recreate themselves, or just simply because they prefer a short hair-do for the summer season.

A short haircut can change  the shape of your face, enhance  your  features, is easier  to take care  of (dries quicker), is more manageable,  and can make  you  look  years  younger.

Before taking  the  plunge, do some  research  as to the  best cut for your face shape, and whether a certain cut will suit your lifestyle and  budget, e.g. trimming and added hair care products for maintenance.

If you're unsure or on the  fence as to whether short hair is for you see these stunning pics below:

                                          Are you ready to take the plunge?  Comment  below.
                                                        Have a great weekend!   
                                                   All photos courtesy of Bing images

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