Friday, June 10, 2016

Fashion Friday: Steal Beyoncé's distinct fashionable style

Beyoncé  knows a thing or two about fashion and style, she's been setting trends for years and has influenced a generation.

The latest issue of Marie Claire magazine features some of her trendy summer looks, mixing patterns with classic pieces, casual with chic creating a sort of uptown/downtown style, see below:

Classic blazer paired with cutoff denim shorts

Color blocked side slit dress with a punch of  yellow  

Long sleeve graphic T-shirt mixed with cutoff shorts

Little black dress teamed with black biker jacket and sexy heels  

White blazer, Guns N Roses T-shirt, distressed jeans with a high ponytail  

Striking a pose with an all white outfit with nude accessories  

Which is your favorite Beyoncé outfit?  Comment below.

Have a great  weekend!

All photos courtesy of Marie Claire magazine  

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