Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make Your Home Beautiful and Harmonious with Feng Shui

Feng shui in English means wind-water. The practice of feng shui is a Chinese system whereby the laws of both heaven and earth are used to create and improve positive energy. This flow of positive energy is called Chi.

If your home is surrounded by positive energy it produces harmony, good health and wealth. You can achieve this Chi effect by simply arranging and positioning your surroundings to increase the flow of Chi.

Below are some feng shui tips:
  • Brighten  the  foyer  of  your  home.  A dark foyer will prevent the good Chi from entering.
  • Select light paint colors and window treatments.
  • Open windows and doors to let in sunshine and fresh air so that positive energy can flow.
  • Create a home office at the front of the house as energy flows from the front door and spreads upwards.
  • Get rid of clutter so good energy can flow freely.
  • Keep furniture from blocking windows or doorways.
  • Place your headboard approx. seven to nine inches away from the wall to allow air and energy to flow freely.
For wealth and prosperity:
  • Add a water feature such as a fountain or bird bath to the outside of your home. Flowing water represents wealth in feng shui.

Incorporate the color purple in your decor. The color purple represents royalty. Add purple accessories such as flowers or pillows.

Another way to attract wealth is by placing an object of wood inside your home, wood is an element of wealth.

Feng shui decorating involves the elements of science, color and furniture placement. Creating a feng shui environment is not complicated just use accessories that you already have in your home such as mirrors, water, and plants and keep that good Chi flowing.

                    Positive energy  flows  in this  room thanks
                    to the pink accessories and bamboo plant.

A round  table  and good  lighting  produces harmony  

                      Fresh  flowers and a bamboo bowl

              Light window treatments, and a bedoom
              free of electronic gadgets.

A appealing and clutter-free Feng Shui entryway  

All photos  courtesy  of  HGTV  

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