Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Simple Ways To Organize A Messy Linen Closet

Got a messy linen closet that cannot stay organized? 

The trick to keeping a linen closet organized is to keep things that you use on a regular basis contained, see my tips below: 

  1. Use a three bag laundry sorter to stay atop dirty laundry.
  2. Store towels in baskets or metal containers turning them vertically for better function.
  3. Contain hair tools and toiletries things that you use everyday in metal buckets.
  4. Place bath essentials such as cotton balls, Q tips and bath salts in clear containers and place on a lazy Susan for easy access. 
  5. Keep manicure tools, nail polishes, etc., in clear caddies so they stay organized,  You can purchase these caddies at your local Target store. Shop

                                                       Organized Linen Closets

                                                             Source:  Google

D├ęcor Tips:

Line your linen shelves with plastic-coated fabric to make it easier to clean. 
To achieve a more streamlined linen closet, label clear containers.

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