Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Magnolia Journal by Joanna Gaines - A True Home Inspiration

I just received my copy of The Magnolia Journal, a new home and lifestyle magazine brought to you by Chip and Joanna Gaines, aka Mr. and Mrs. Fixer Upper. 

This magazine did not disappoint, it is filled with inspirational topics such as Hospitality, Gardening, Recipes, Home D├ęcor, and personal stories and advice from Joanna Gaines, thoughtfully written and down to earth.

A special section called "Chip's Corner", is where we find Chip's narrative of events happening around the farm and insights about his lifestyle. 

An easy to read journal which  draws the reader's attention in; a magazine you will not want to put down, no flipping through pages here.  There is a Thoughtful Suggestions section that you can actually follow and incorporate into your own home with resources and products from Magnolia Market

Photos from The Magnolia Journal:

                                                        Source:  Google

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