Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Create A Glam Style Living Room For Your Abode

A Glam Style living room uses lots of luxurious textiles such as crystal, polished chrome, Lucite, and reflective surfaces. 

If you like contemporary, elegant and dreamy spaces, then you will love this style. 

Here are a few things to consider when incorporating this style of d├ęcor:

  • Choose glass chandeliers and mercury glass lighting for drama
  • A large sunburst mirror  or an ornate mirror are great reflective surfaces
  • Add a gold/silver leaf tray and decorative accents
  • Faux fur throws and animal print pillows are a perfect combination for this style
  • Paint colors should be subtle like grays and whites
  • Luxe fabrics like a velvet ottoman will amp up your glam style
Try not to go overboard when going glam as it will make your living room look garish.  Stick with the same hues throughout such as whites, creams, and pearl like finishes for a soft touch.  Photo frames and candles should be white, silver or gold.   


                                                            Glam Style Living Rooms

                                                                     Source:  Pinterest

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